Advanced Rogue 5.8

Advanced Rogue (through v7.7) was developed by a group of employees at AT&T Bell Labs between 1984 and 1986. Michael Morgan and Ken Dalka appear to be among the semi-anonymous authors. AT&T distributed Advanced Rogue through the AT&T Toolchest for a time.

Advanced Rogue 5.8 is based on the Rogue 3.6 source code with some additions from Super-Rogue. The source code was found floating on the internet. (a slightly enhanced version was also found, I have dubbed that version 5.8e and will be ported seperately).

Advanced Rogue 5.8.2 Linux Binary
Advanced Rogue 5.8.2 Windows Console Binary
Advanced Rogue 5.8.2 DOS Binary (DJGPP)
Advanced Rogue 5.8.2 Source Code

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February 13, 2006 8:34pm - 5.8.2

New to this release:

April 2 2005 4:31pm - 5.8.1

New to this release:

March 22 2005 5:57pm - 5.8 init

Advanced Rogue 5.8 was released on or about 01/03/1985