Rog-O-Matic XIV

Rog-O-Matic plays the computer game Rogue, wherein the object is to explore and survive a complex and hostile environment. Rogue is an example of an exploration task.(Given an undirected planar graph, a starting node, and a visibility function which maps each node into a subset of nodes, exploration entails traversing edges so as to see all of the nodes. Minimizing the number of nodes visited is a subgoal.) Studying exploration requires two things: terrain to be explored, and an explorer to search it.

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Latest News

Sunday September 5th 2008 11:33pm

Continuing to patch source. It is currently usable for the repository versions of Rogue 3.6 and 5.2 and less so for 5.4 (needs a patch to the message parsing code). Debugging is difficult, but I am trying to isolate or fix one major bug every day or so.

Monday August 25th 2008 2:24pm - Rog-O-Matic XIV

After finally applying a series of patches to Rogue 5.2 from Peter Schauer I finally tried out his patches for Rog-o-matic XIV and enjoyed watching it play and become a total winner 6 times over as it played 10,000 games in about 4 hours. If nothing else it is a useful tool for testing rogue. So I figured I would make a home for it here on rogueforge. Peter is no longer working on the project, but I will keep a version working here. It is unlikely this will get ported to Windows any time soon as it would require building rogue against a terminal version of the curses library instead of a console version. A cygwin build might work.

I'll start uploading code soon.... maybe.