Super-Rogue 9.0

Super-Rogue was developed by a group of employees at AT&T Bell Labs between 1982 and 1983 with the public face of the group being Robert D. Kindelberger. Released internally and to friends were versions 6.5, 7.2, 8.0, 8.3, and culminating in 9.0 (circa 5/7/83 through 7/17/84).

Super-Rogue 9.0 is based on the Rogue 3.6 source code. Robert Kindelberger recently (2004) provided the long elusive source code to this popular rogue version.

The restoration of this version requires the standard updates for using gcc/ANSI style C compilers, fixes for some bugs inherited from rogue 3.6 and new save/restore code.

Super-Rogue 9.0-1 Linux Binary
Super-Rogue 9.0-1 Cygwin Binary (Windows)
Super-Rogue 9.0-1 SFU/Interix Binary (Windows)
Super-Rogue 9.0-1 DJGPP Binary (DOS/Windows)
Super-Rogue 9.0-1 AIX Binary
Super-Rogue 9.0-1 Source Code

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Latest News

March 22 2005 10:36am - 9.0-1

All obvious bugs worked out. Tarballs of binaries now active.

March 6 2005 4:08pm - 9.0.1 beta2

Save/restore functional. Minimally tested. (available by CVS checkout only at the moment)

March 4 2005 12:07pm - 9.0.1 beta

Trivial port complete. Save/restore non-functional. (available by CVS checkout only at the moment) First re-release Super-Rogue 9.0

Super-Rogue 9.0 was released on our about 07/17/1984

The primary goal of this release was to produce a version of Super-Rogue 9.0 as close to the original as possible. The primary differences between this release and the original is the addition of an operating system independent save game mechanism to replace the raw memory dump method used by the original (which won't work reliably on any modern Unix). But functionally the game should be identical.