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Advanced Rogue 5.8s

Advanced Rogue 5.8s is minor variant of Advanced Rogue 5.8, possibly from around May, 1989 and with unknown authorship. The source code was found floating on the internet some time ago, a second version found at M.I.T. around 1993 was effectively identical with minor changes for porting.  Additions include a few magic items, a slightly different array of monsters, several types of special rooms (orc den, ant hill, throne room, zoo, etc) but is otherwise the same as Advanced Rogue 5.8. The additions made in this variant do not appear in later versions of Advanced Rogue or XRogue.

Advanced Rogue 5.8s.beta1 Source Code

View Current Development Source Code Repository (Subversion)

Latest News

August 1, 2007 11:42pm - 5.8s.1 alpha

No binaries yet. You can check out the source from the repository and build it for yourself if you want to test it.I have completed the bulk of the porting and update work. Will do more testing and add autoconf build support and make a release in the coming weeks I hope.

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