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Rogue 3.4


Rogue 3.4 was released on or around 4/16/1981 (internal date on executable). It was probably developed on a PDP 11/70 running BSD/Unix 2.79.

Restoration Source Material

Original Binary Releases

Extracted from BSD/Unix 2.79 [rogue3.4-bsd2.79.tar, 6/19/81]
Original Location: [Disc 1, directory 2.79]

-rw-r--r-- 18049  1981-05-21 04:41:57 2.79/doc/rogue.doc

Extracted from BSD/Unix 2.8 [rogue3.4-bsd2.8.tar, 9/8/82]
Original Location: [Disc 1, directory 2.8]

-rw-r--r-- 18049  1981-07-12 15:39:49 2.8/usr/doc/rogue.doc
-rw-r--r-- 70364  1981-05-21 04:41:44 2.8/usr/bin.v7/ucb/rogue 

Restorations / Downloads

There isn't a whole lot we can restore here. Here is a nice way to reconstruct how the documentation may have looked when printed out on a line printer of that era.

enscript -l --margins=60:60:30:30 rogue.doc -p - | ps2pdf - rogue.pdf

Resultant document can be viewed here:


Without the source code the best we can do with the binary is strip out the strings to obtain a little data about what items were included in the game. Eventually I'll pull it up into a PDP simulator and write a page about that.

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