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UltraRogue 1.0.7

UltraRogue was developed by Herb Chong between 1985 and 1986. Mostly distributed in binary form and later an unoffical archive was commonly available (v1.0.3 8/13/1986).

UltraRogue is based on the Rogue 3.6 and an early version of Advanced Rogue source code. Herb Chong provided the source code back in 1992 and allowed me to update it to compile on modern systems. This was my first restoration process. It was updated to ANSI C and new code written to save and restore the game state. Herb and I both fiddled with it on and off between 1992-1995 and I picked it up again when this sourceforge project began in 2000.

This is a semi-active version of rogue rather than a pure restoration. Changes to gameplay and other cosmetic changes have occurred and will continue to incur.

UltraRogue 1.0.7 Linux Binary
UltraRogue 1.0.7 Binary (Windows)
UltraRogue 1.0.7 SFU/Interix Binary (Windows)
UltraRogue 1.0.7 DJGPP Binary (DOS/Windows)
UltraRogue 1.0.7 AIX Binary
UltraRogue 1.0.7 Source Code

View Current Development Source Code Repository (Subversion)

Latest News

February 7, 2005 10:17am - UltraRogue 1.0.7

First Re-release of UltraRogue v1.0.7

UltraRogue was developed between 1985 and 1995 by Herb Chong. It is a direct decendent of some version of Advanced Rogue.

I took the liberty of adding the subtitle to the name.

The documentation is a bit rough at this point.

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