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Yendor's Guide

Being the busy Archmage Yendor, I hardly have time to write an extensive guide, nor really to write anything at all.  However in order to spare myself the requests for help of many a fool who wishes to attempt to explore the Dungeons of Doom I decided to place here what little information has been made available to the general populace. I admit I have to chuckle at the inaccuracies of it all, but it will provide me some small entertainment to watch you suffer through it. I shall watch with amusement (as time permits) your feeble attempts. Should you manage to escape with anything of interest, feel free to stop by, I may spare you a few minutes.

The Dungeons of Doom exist in many planes of existence. The nature of the dungeons change depending upon the entrance used. We name these entrances as they are discovered. The naming convention is rather haphazard as I allow the discoverer of the entrance to name them. As the planes get further and further away from my home plane the dungeons can be almost unrecognizable, and arguably not the same dungeons at all.


Known Entrances

Primary Secondary   Tertiary
Rogue 3.4 (BSD 2.8) 4/16/81     Rogue Clone I
Rogue 3.6 (BSD 2.9) 4/21/81 Super Rogue 9.0 7/17/84   Rogue Clone II
Rogue 4.22 (BSD 4.0) 2/9/82 Advanced Rogue 5.8 1/03/85   Rogue Clone III
Rogue 5.2 (BSD 4.1C) 4/11/82 UltraRogue 1.02 Beta 5/19/85  
Rogue Clone IV  
Rogue 5.3 (BSD 4.2) 2/21/83 Advanced Rogue 7.7 7/7/86   Hack 1.0.3
Rogue 5.4 (BSD 4.3) 3/31/85 UltraRogue 1.03 10/15/87   Larn
Rogue .1 beta by Artificial
Intelligence Design Systems
XRogue 8.0 6/8/91   Moria
Rogue 1.1 by Artificial
Intelligence Design Systems
Rogue 1.45 by Epyx (1985)     omega
Rogue 1.48 by Epyx (12/5/85)      


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